Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Friends and Family! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am starting to feel a little bit better- which is good because John’s mom returned to Pennsylvania yesterday. We could not have gotten through the past week without her! I am very thankful to be feeling better- God is definitely taking care of me right now. I have my appetite back and enjoyed a yummy chicken enchilada dinner tonight! I could eat those EVERY NIGHT! I just love Mexican food!

This week will be spent regaining strength, trying to get some additional medical answers, having a yard sale/neighborhood BBQ, and preparing for John going to Arizona for a week for work. We are currently really excited about our cruise coming up in June, spending time with some family, fun weddings, and starting the summer. Although, I must say it is already HOT here and it is only the beginning of MAY!

Ok so the real reason for this message- FINALLY SOME PICTURES!

I do not think this is the greatest quality picture, but Owen really looks like me and my side of the family in this so I just had to post. Aunt Kathy, don’t you see my mom in this face? And sort of AJ!


Owen when we told him “Mom Mom” went back to Pennsylvania. IMG_4383Up to something…. quite the sly look!


  Our garden! Last fall my Grandma came to visit us and helped us plant some beautiful flowers. They are still so pretty and make the front yard so special to us! IMG_4400


Owen in his reading corner with Daddy. HeLOVES to read. Now he brings us books all day and asks for us to read them to him. It is so sweet. Sometimes he will sit by himself for 20 minutes at a time and just read. We come from a long line of readers and it seems like Owen will be following suit. He also blows our mind by automatically holding the book the proper way. We can hand it to him backwards or upside down and he will flip it to the correct way very quickly. Not to shabby for a 14 month old!

IMG_4409 IMG_4411 Owen with his most favorite toy, the lacrosse stick. He absolutely loves to carry this around and makes the funniest sound effects. I think we have a future lacrosse player in our house which of course could not make John happier!

IMG_4419 IMG_4426 IMG_4427

We hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Our Love Our Life said...

Its great to hear you are feeling better!! Ill be calling you later :) and I still can't beleive how big Owen is getting. It makes me sad that Im missing it :( And the garden wow!!! Looks so different from last year. The flowers are just beautiful!

Nicole said...

You have to frame that picture of Owen looking to the side, like he's about to cause total mischief. Love it! I like pics that show their little personalities. Hope you are having a better week :)

...on a side note, my word verification was just "hateness". Can't you pick a better word, Mr. Word Verification Man?