Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi, I am suddenly 3 years old!

Ok is it just me, or does this shirt make Owen look like a 3 year old? Sometimes he still looks like my baby boy and other times he is SO BIG!!!! And again, I know I ALWAYS say this, but check out his curls. I just can not get enough of them. I am never cutting his hair!

Yummy peanut butter sandwich!



This is right after Maggie licked the peanut butter off of his face. He looks like he is crying/upset but he was actually cracking up.


Maggie is so good with Owen. She is really protective of him, she plays with him, cleans up after him, etc. I am pretty sure she has somehow convinced Owen that he needs to share at least 1/2 of his food with her at all time. I am not sure what she has promised him in return… unconditional love? protection? that she will always clean his face after he eats? I’m not really positive. But he is serious about sharing with her!


This is me totally busting him handing her a piece of his sandwich. He will look me in the eyes and try to sneak his hand over to the side and ever so slowly drop the pieces into her mouth. I think Maggie will go upstairs from now on during meal times!


Happy Tuesday to everyone! :) 


Monica said...

Abbie feeds the dogs too... It's so annoying! They hover every time she eats anything. And Sadie has jumped INTO the high chair after Abbie is out to clean up the mess before... Ugh. He sure is cute!

Our Love Our Life said...

Carmine does the same thing but he has to share with two dogs so I dont think he gets the nest end of that deal lol. Owen does look so big! I think its a combo of his hari getting so long and curly (which you will end up cutting, sorry
:( ) and that shirt!

Katiellirb said...

The last picture of Owen getting caught is priceless! I love it :)