Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday at the Pool

The pool in our side yard that is. Since the weather is getting warmer we decided to go ahead and get Owen a pool. This photo is from last July when Owen had his first pool experience with his buddy Carmine. You can read about that by CLICKING HERE. (Leslie, this makes me so sad to see! I wish you were still my next-door-neighbor and my BLF!)



Owen was quite unsure last year, but this year he jumped right in! John set up the pool and was filling it while I got Owen dressed and lathered up in lotion. As soon as he saw the pool he climbed right in! No hesitation at all! He has always been such a water boy. Needless to say he absolutely LOVED playing in the pool on Sunday. Here are a few photos! Please excuse the fact that the suntan lotion was not all of the way rubbed in so he looks a little slimy!



 pool1 copy

 pool2 copy

 pool3 copy

 pool4 copy

 pool5 copy

 pool6 copy

I can not believe the difference in size from last year to this year. He was such a tiny thing!

Oh and thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my sister in law Jean. Baby Evalyse Mae was born last Wednesday! She is doing great and is such a pretty little thing. We can not wait to go to Pennsylvania soon to visit her! Only 2 weeks!

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Our Love Our Life said...

adorable! Both the boys love the water. And it is so sad to see since we cant just run next door and put the boys in the pool :( we will always be BFL's though and Im a long distant neighbor :)