Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye cold Alaska… Hello HOT North Carolina!

We are back from our trip (we have actually been back for almost a week, I just have been unmotivated to post!) to Alaska. We had a WONDERFUL TIME! We will be updating the blog with photos in the near future. After we had taken probably 1000 photos of Juneau and Skagway Alaska, complete with whales, bears and mountain goats, our memory card broke. We sent it off this week to a data recovery place so keep your fingers crossed we get them back. We had some amazing shots and I will just be broken hearted if we do lose them for good. I told John he will have to take us to Alaska again next year if we do not get them back :) We do have some photos I need to upload from the 2nd half of our trip, but I will most likely do it when we find out about the other card.

We had an AMAZING time on the cruise. The food was great, the entertainment was so fun, being waited on hand and foot was wonderfully spoiling, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, it was great getting dressed up, staying up late, sleeping in, not wearing my hair in a pony tail every day, and reconnecting with John. I missed Owen a ton but he had a great time at Camp Grand Meadow’s (John’s Parents street name is Meadow- catchy huh?).

I absolutely want to go back there on a cruise and I finally agreed to John that we could consider moving there one day. And when we got back to North Carolina, and the 98 degree temperature that greeted us, I could not help but wonder if we could just move there now!

We also had a great time while in Pennsylvania spending time with family and friends. We got to meet our beautiful niece Evalyse which was just amazing. She is so adorable and actually resembles Owen a little when he was that age. Owen absolutely loved her and wanted to keep giving her hugs and kisses. I could not believe how tiny she was and I really do not remember our guy ever being that little. It is weird how you forget.  He also loved playing with his older cousins Jordan and Bayleigh. It was a great trip for us all!

Here is the one photo we purchased from the ship. This was our second formal night… The night that John finally got to say he wanted both the prime rib AND the lobster tail. It was a good night! Oh and behind us was really a waterfall, that is not a background. The ship was so pretty and full of great picture taking spots!



We hope everyone is doing great!

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Christina and Varun said...

So glad you had a great time in Alaska! Welcome home!