Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pool Time!!!

Colin, Caleb, and Owen- getting ready for the pool.


On Wednesday we went to a fun lunch/pool party with lots of friends. This was the first time I have had Owen in a real pool since last year at this time when he was 4 months old. He loves to play in the blow up pool outside and the bathtub, but I was not sure how he would react to a deep pool.

I SHOULD have taken way more photos, but John was not with me so I was unable to- but let me tell you- this boy is such a fish!

Owen just loved swimming. At first I had him this one piece swimming suit that has a life-vest sort of thing built in. It made him float really well, but he was very wobbly in the water if that makes sense at all. I think I will go get him some arm swimmies for the next time we go out. But the one piece suit helped him get used to being in the water where his feet do not touch. I was playing with him pretending he was a boat, spinning around in circles in the water. He had such a good time.

He started blowing bubbles in the water on his own which he loved!

Then I decided to take off his floaty suit and see if he would go under the water. I started by dunking myself and he thought it was so cool. I very slowly started putting him under water little bits at a time, and then I finally dunked him the whole way under. I sort of expected him to swallow some water, freak out, and never want to touch water again.

Boy was I wrong! He LOVED IT! We went under water together several times and he came up laughing each time. He somehow held his breath and did not take any water in his nose at all! I was so proud of him.

When I was in the 3rd grade I actually almost drowned at my teachers end of the year pool party. I somehow made it to the deep end of the pool and I could not get myself out. Finally I made it over to the ladder- but that was by far the scariest moment of my life. After that happened my grandmother put me in swimming lessons and I went on to be a lifeguard and teach lessons for the Red Cross. It is really important to John and I that Owen is comfortable in the water and has the proper training.

In July he is going to start 2 weeks of swimming lessons through the Lee County Parks and Recreations Department. I know he is going to LOVE it!

PS. When did Owen get to be such a big boy? The picture above makes my heart so happy to see him so mature and sitting with his buddies! I think he looks so much like his Uncle Nate right now!


Christina and Varun said...

We had so much fun in the pool with you guys. Liliana also LOVES the water! That is so awesome that Owen is taking swimming lessons. We look forward to hearing about it :)

skm22777 said...

Three boys looking for trouble, ha ha! How fun--I love your commentary and Owen's bravery! Looking forward to more pool dates...