Monday, July 26, 2010

More Followers Monday- Take 2

Ok so I participated in this last week, and then I went and changed my blog address! Our old one had our last name in it, and that just is not smart when you are a military family! So after 2 years of blogging I finally decided to come up with a new blog name and address!

More Followers Monday was created to help get new followers.  It's a great way to "meet" new great blogs to follow!  It was started by some fun mommy blogs- one of which I read daily.

All you have to do is 1.) follow the hosts {Mama B; Little BCGC; Baby Dickey}, 2.) Grab the button and create a post explaining about it and a little about yourself, 3.) Link up

I am a late twenties SAHM to 17 month old Owen.  We are a military family, a Christian family, and we enjoy meal planning. I love to make posts about new recipes we love to try, my attempts at Once a Month Cooking, pictures of our adventures, and updates for our family and friends to read. This blog started off as a way to keep our family updated with my pregnancy since we lived across the country. It has since evolved into a way to stay connected with family AND friends.

I do not really fall into a certain group of “parenting”. I breastfed, made my own homemade baby food (and i do most of his toddler food as well), occasionally did baby wearing, I am anti co-sleeping, follow the recommended vaccination schedule, I let my son CIO at 9 months, we use disposable diapers, we rear faced our car seat until 16 months, and we just do what feels right for our family.

We would love for  you to join us on our family adventures!


Little BGCG said...

Thanks for linking up again this week! At first I was so confused because I KNEW I followed you last week lol.

Owen's Mom said...

Here for More Followers Monday!

Your little guy is adorable. My little man has the same name (though I don't use it on my blog). Can't wait to see what you have planned next.

Daisie said...

following you! My daughter is running a fever right now of 101 and has been for the last 3 days...ugh...So I feel for you. Hope the little guy gets better soon!

CJRBeachMomma said...

Hi Amy! We do have a lot in common! Your little boy is so cute! You live in NC??