Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recipe-Fail/ but a good one too!

Well tonight I cooked the Deconstructed Chicken and Broccoli bake, and it was TERRIBLE! Maybe it is because I really like a ton of flavor in my food… ??

The recipe is HERE.

The sauce and the broccoli was excellent, but the chicken was so bland. I had hoped it would take on some of the cheesy taste, but it was just so boring.  I think if I made this again i would marinade the chicken in something REALLY flavorful first!

I have another pack of this in the freezer, and I am not sure what to do to make it taste better? Maybe I could take the chicken out of the casserole and marinade it? Or i could add other flavors into the casserole before cooking? Maybe it would have tasted better if I had cut up the chicken into smaller pieces? I’m not sure.
Does anyone have any ideas?

On a MUCH better note, I also pulled out some of the cinnamon rolls for breakfast and they were AMAZING! The puffed up really large and just were so tasty. John was a not a huge fan of the small amount of lemon in the icing, but he still ate two! I would definitely recommend them.


Hollie said...

Girl .... BRINE that chicken next time.... It will take it to a whole notha level :) I think cutting it up in pieces mightv helped toooo.... Just a thought... I had a recipe fail tonight tooooo Mexican Meatball soup... I used the mint the said was optional in the meatballs and BOOOOOOOOOOOOO after Matts SECOND bowl he decided it mightve been OVRPOWERING... but it was JUST OK HE SAYS... I am ready for a cooking party ... Lets organize one :)

Amy@Salotti Family Blog said...

How do you brine the chicken?? I am going to look this up!