Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I want to do/or not to do

.. in order to better myself!

1. Stop biting my nails!


This has been a struggle for me since at least kindergarten! I remember the boy I liked way back then (in 1986) made fun of me for biting my nails. Since then it has been such a constant struggle.  
A few times a year I commit to myself to stop biting- and I normally keep it up for a month or so. Then something “stressful” will happen and I fall right back into that same biting routine. I will bite one, then I have to bite them all because heaven forbid they not be even. It just starts a crazy downward spiral that I need to eliminate!
I find that when I paint my nails a dark color, I am less likely to bit them. I currently have them a beautiful shade of wholesome earth that would make my friend Alison proud because it is a dark purpleish color. It has been about a week since i last bit them and I can see whites- YAH!
2. Be better about keeping my house clean.
Cleaning House - Scrubbing the Floor Royalty Free Stock Photo
I always have every intention of getting my house really really clean and keeping it that way forever. And then life happens. Right now I have $150 worth of items from the commissary sitting on my kitchen counter because i wanted to watch the bachelorertte after Owen went to bed instead of putting everything away (don’t worry, I got the cold stuff). I did manage to clean up the living room floor, but only because i lost my watch, again.
For a while now I have subscribed to Flylady.net. She sends out daily email suggestions for what to clean, weekly zone plans, and daily things we should do. I even printed out some of her lists and laminated them last year so i could use the dry erase marker on them each week. I HAVE TO GET BETTER ABOUT DOING THIS! I feel like i live in constant messes and it is completely our fault. John, Owen and I all need to be better about cleaning up after ourselves WHEN THE MESS happens instead of letting it pile up.
I recommend subscribing to her daily emails. I chose the option to get just 1 email a day from her- it is a combination of all of the information sent out, but you also can get each email she sends out throughout the day- it would be like 10 a day. I do not like having my inbox clogged up so I passed on that option. Her plan can really change your life though!
3. Drink more water.
Glass of water Royalty Free Stock Photo
I was reading tonight that gallbladder issues could be do to not drinking enough water- which i KNOW i definitely do not do. I am lucky to get 1 glass in me a day, i am no where close to the recommended 6-8 glasses! Tomorrow morning I am going to make myself drink drink drink! Hopefully! :)
4. Be present.
Sunshine in a flower... :-) by annpar
I am constantly looking forward to the next thing. I have a difficult time just living in the moment. Now that I am a mom i realize how important it is to just be present for Owen. My goal is to be a yes mom, always live in the moment, and not take for granted this time I have with him. He is so sweet and so snuggly. I know how lucky I am and I want to savor every moment of his childhood!
I know there are so many other things. Like being better about couponing, meal planning, spending more time with the dog. But I think the list above is more than enough of a good start!

DISCLAIMER- FlyLady.net has in no way compensated me for this post. I just happen to LOVE the site and all it has to offer.


Our Love Our Life said...

Great list and all obtainable Amy!! Go girl! and thanks for the website. Ill be checking that out.

Kat said...

I need to join you on the "be present". i have a sticker in my closet that says, Be Here Now. However, I am always thinking and planning the next best thing! I do love that I am a planner, but you are right, we all need to slow down and Be Here Now.

Gigi said...

It's so much easier for grandparents to be truly present with grandchildren. Our chores can wait. We wonder if we were present enough with our own kids. I think you spend tons of time connected to Owen; it's the balance of cleaning/cooking, etc. that is the goal, plus nice evenings with the three of you together. Routines and life face interruptions. Ask John what one or two things he loves to notice are done when he gets home, and focus on them. Tell John one or two things you love for him to help you with. Keep smiling and huggin'.

Gigi said...

By the way, DJ, Susan and Silas are expecting twin boys around Thx. Talk about finding balance in your days, grin!

~Me said...

Loved the flylady website....one of my new favorites. Thanks so much for the find!