Sunday, July 25, 2010

This fly is out to get me!

This has been the craziest day! Owen woke up at 5:20 this morning, absolutely inconsolable! I have no idea what in the world was wrong! He was basically just hysterical and there was nothing I could do to settle him back down!

I tried snuggling with him, rocking him, reading to him, changing his diaper, milk, etc. Nothing worked! So finally we went downstairs to watch some Thomas the Train- which finally made him happy.

Momma on the other hand was NOT happy to be awake at 530 in the morning, watching Thomas.

John stayed in bed until around 8am when I put Owen down for his first nap, and I promptly went to sleep until about 11:30am. YAH! HEAVEN!

Well, Heaven until tonight when now I CAN NOT FALL ASLEEP.

Not to mention I am being stalked by a fly. No, seriously. This fly is messing with me. He keeps landing on me, buzzing by my ear, tormenting me. I really think he is out to get me.

Which actually reminds me of that time my "for one semester only" roommate Kari was afraid of me walking down a path in the dark because the deer were out to get her, and they would go through me since I was her roommate. She also dressed up like a vampire (or was it a witch) frequently. And I woke up one morning to like 20 origami things hanging above my bed.

That was a weird semester of my life!

I hope everyone else can sleep!

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