Monday, July 19, 2010

What this blog has been missing…

Is some photos of the BOY!

Here he is attempting to trim his toe nails!


Just sitting in his toy drawer..




Some pictures of Mommy and Owen..




Still loving his rocking chair!


Sometimes we take pictures that give me a little glimpse into what he will look like as a teenager! I can totally see him in a football (or lacrosse) uniform here!



John and I painted our bedroom recently.. it went from a khaki to a dark blue (way darker than it appears here). We absolutely love it! You can see the final color in some pictures at the bottom of this post.


I recently made another banner for my friend Leslie’s sons birthday. I absolutely love making these and I think that one day I would like to open up my own etsy shop to sell them! The banner says HAPPY BIRTHDAY- i just did not get many pictures of the birthday part.




Daddy has some big shoes to fill, and this guy sure wants to try!





Check out the dark blue wall behind Owen. We LOVE the color!

Have a great week!


Nicole said...

I just love this little guy. He has such a great personality. We need to get together when I get back to NC!
And I love the new paint color.

Our Love Our Life said...

Owen is adorable. Always has been and just gets better with age :) I love seeing the pics of you in them too!! Dont ever get enough of those with being a mom. and last, the paint color is amazing!! I was thinking of that color in our next house (whenever that will be lol). oh yeah amazing banner as well :)

Our Love Our Life said...

P.S: Did you get the phillies shirt at old navy?? I just picked one up for Carmine 2 weeks ago but still a little big