Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

You guys should play along! If you do, leave me a comment telling me what YOUR wish list is. Also check out the Foster Family blog by clicking the button above!
1. $100,000,000,000. That is not too much to ask for, is it? haha.
Money 2 by borman818.
2. I would love either PhotoShop or Lightroom for photo editing. I currently have PhotoShop Elements, which does the job, but I would love something more professional!
3. A new car.. right now I am liking the Ford Edge or the Honda Pilot. John wants to buy American though so we will see.
4. A cute strap for my DSLR- like one of these from Etsy!
Watermelon Sorbet - Ruffled, dSLR Camera Strap CoverFunky Floral in Brown Camera StrapCamera Strap, Funky Flowers and Dots, Reversible, Quick-Release
5. A bread machine! I really want to make bread weekly for Owen and I. It would also be great for pizza crust, cinnamon rolls, and even making jam!
6. I am always wanting new bedding. I do not own a pair of shoes or a purse over $30.00 but by golly I love to spend money on bedding.
A girl can wish… right!?!?


Our Love Our Life said...

Ill post mine on my blog... Im going to play your game and hopefully my friends will too!! Great idea. And I may steal your 100,000,000,000. from you. I think everyone needs that :).
An add to YOUR wish list
Ticket to see the Velazquez's

Little BGCG said...

I love the pink and green camera strap it's so cute!