Sunday, August 8, 2010

The question I hate the most

Is by far… “Where do your {parents} live?”

Or really anything dealing with the word {Parents}.

It strikes up in me a conversation that I hate to have with people. I have no idea why I am so embarrassed of my past, why I want to hide it, why I think possibly that it will change others opinions of me. But I do feel that way.

I dodged the question of {PARENTS} with John for MONTHS! We were in college and getting to know each other. Any time he asked me anything about my {PARENTS} I would say “Yeah my family lives in Virginia”, “Yeah my family is from…”, my family this or my family that. I never committed to saying my {parents}. I think he finally realized I was dodging the question and asked me to explain. I am sure I avoided it even longer.

Why you ask?

I have a CRAZY family story. One that I will go into one day. But basically, lets just say that I do not have parents. I did, my mother passed away (not before my grandmother adopted me since my mother had MANY psychological issues). My father- well lets just say he decided when I was young that he did not want much to do with me. So for all intents and purposes, I do not have parents. I have family, but I do not have parents.

Since we are a military family, I am constantly meeting new people. The inevitable question always comes up. Now I just say “My whole family lives in Virginia”. It is just easier that way!

What question do YOU hate the most?


~Me said...

I think my least favorite question is just "are you ok?" People always ask when you're NOT ok and reliving it or talking about it just lets the emotion come out. The hardest time I ever heard this question is right after my mom died. It's too bad because it's usually asked with the best intentions, but I manage to bottle up all my emotions until I have to answer that question...then I end up crying in front of anyone/everyone ;)

The Maulsbys said...

How many kids do you have?

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Joy, I used to hate people asking that, but when I was pregnant! People would ask if I was feeling ok, and it would make me so angry because I always had to say that i was really sick, and then i felt like crap- like I was a bad mother! I ca n imagine why that would be the question you disliked answering!

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Sarah, I often wonder how you might answer that question. I am sure it would be different based on who asked, but I just can not imagine how painful of a question that must be for you!

Anonymous said...

That is my tough question, many children do you have? I almost always say "2", but Jamie is always there. Over the years I've learned to not feel guilty with that answer.


Renee said...

Amy, thank you for sharing and your honesty. You have no idea how your past might help to give others hope! I love how you came up with a solution to the "inevitable" question! I liek your blog! -Renee

Susie Haynes said...

I concur ... I too hate "parents" questions, blah

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

How many kids do you have? But I'm starting to get better with replying about that one.

It used to also be "What are you?" or "Where are you from?" I never could figure out if they were asking where I was born, where my hometown is, or what ethnicity I am (my dad is west texas white boy and my mom is korean).

Christina "Knaub" Brown said...

I hate getting asked "so when are you guys going to have kids?" - and when I reply never people look at me like I am some kind of monster, but to be honest I'm too selfish to have kids - I like my freedom, I like spending money on myself, I like being able to up and leave for a weekend trip out of no where without having to think of who will watch little one for us. We have an awesome dog who is my fur-baby and that is all we need and want :).