Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewing projects #1 and #2

I worked on my first two sewing projects!!!! It was more difficult than I had hoped they would be, but I definitely learned a lot!

This is a 1 sided napkin. I need to work on taking better photos, but it was really late and I wanted to show these off for my husband who is currently away! I had sort of a hard time at first keeping the stitch straight.


The second napkin is a 2 sided with ric-rack. It was WAY more difficult than I thought it would be, but it ended up turning out ok!


I am excited to learn more about sewing! I think right now I am lacking a bit of confidence that I need to just make myself go with it!!!

The next project is a bag to use for presents, I am excited to start!!!


~Me said...

You'll learn that the more you sew the more confidence you'll get. As frustrating as it is to mess up, you can learn so much from sewing mistakes, and you can almost always rip out a stitch line and resew. The projects look great!!

Ruthanne said...

Don't you just love how BIG the napkins are?! I <3 them.

emily b said...

Hey classmate! I think your napkins turned out great! I hear ya - they were much more tedious than I anticipated...and I haven't even done the ric rac one yet! I'm nervous, because it sounds like everyone is having problems. Oh well. That's how we learn, right? Keep it up - can't wait to see more of your projects!
Oh - and Owen is adorable! -e

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Great job on those, Amy! I can't sew straight either... Maybe I should've bought the camo material to hide the stitches? {Hoping} to make my napkins today.

*Maybe* Baby ♥ Mama said...

Our journey has begun!… secretly though

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Exciting things going on around here!

~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama