Monday, August 16, 2010

So nervous!

I am trying not to think about the fact that in 2 days I am going to have a surgical procedure done! I have no idea why I am so freaked out about it- but for some reason I just get worked up. 

On Wednesday I am going to have an ERCP with cutting and a stint done. I will be sedated in the OR and a tube will be placed down my throat. The doctor will use that tube to put instruments down into my stomach and eventually into my common bile duct. He will inject dye into it and view the dye on an XRay to see where the bile is stuck exactly. He will then clean out the bile duct, cut the sphincter (or maybe he does that first, I can't remember), and put a stint in to hopefully let the bile flow more freely.

I do not know which part of it freaks me out the most. Just the me not being in control part I guess.

I have control issues!

I also have strep throat- as does Owen. I was supposed to drive to PA yesterday to drop him off with the inlaws- but the sicknesses prevented me from doing such. So my MIL drove down here tonight instead.

It is the beginning of a crazy week.

I will try to refrain from freaking out!


emily b said...

Hang in there - I'm sending positive vibes your way! -e

Our Love Our Life said...

I know your nervous but it will all turn out great and best part is youll get to feeling better!! Hope you and Owen start feeling better ans stop getting sick! lol...Why is John never sick? :)

Monica said...

Thinking of you today! Hope everything goes great & you feel better soon!

Josh Healy said...

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