Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surgery update

Well, as I sit here in the hospital, on Friday night, I figured I would type out a few things about how my surgery went.

Not great!

On Wednesday I went in for a ERCP. The day did not start off great… the nurse man could not get my IV in! Two veins blew, and then he finally got it into my hand. That was PAINFUL! So after waiting several hours, there was a back up on the surgical floor, I went in for my surgery. I was really nervous about not falling asleep, but I did just fine. After the surgery the doctor said that the procedure should have taken about 20-30 minutes, but mine took about an hour and 20 minutes! YIKES!

I did not come out of the anesthesia very gracefully! I was throwing up and just in a ton of pain. I immediately realized that my upper part of my stomach area was BURNING so badly! I was crying out in pain. My doctor came by and said that the surgery had a few complications- one of which caused him to have to do some work in my pancreas, and therefore he suspected I had pancreatitis.

They immediately started pushing tons of fluids and giving me ridiculous amounts of pain medication. It helped, but the burning still would not go away.

So today is Friday, and while I am doing better, I am still in terrible pain. They are giving me morphine every 2 hours and Percocet every 6 hours for the pain.

Quite possibly the worst part though is that I have not had anything to eat since Tuesday. Today they finally gave me tons of juices, a little bit of broth, and some jello- but truthfully all it did was make me even more hungry. I am craving the most RANDOM things right now- like White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies. YUM!!!!

I am so incredibly bored, have been sleeping a ton, but I am just BORED! I am unable to get onto the internet except a little bit on my phone. I have books and magazines, but it just is not cutting it! 

I am trying to be brave and just roll with the punches, but a hungry, bored, in pain Amy is probably not the nicest Amy you have ever seen!


Today, Saturday, I was finally given some food! I handled it well and I was allowed to come home around 2pm! SO HAPPY!!!

I have to go in on Monday and get an X-ray done to see if a stint fell out of my pancreas. If it has not, I will have to basically go through the procedure AGAIN and the doc will go down and get it out.

Lets all hope that does not happen!

I am so much to updated on what happened at my house, how I miss Owen terribly (he is in Pennsylvania! I have not seen him since Wednesday)!

But first, I just want to say THANK YOU so much to my friends and family for all of the sweet calls, the flowers, the notes, etc! Your thoughts and prayers are definitely what helped me get through the 4 days staying there!



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Nicole said...

SO sorry to hear you had a rough experience, but at least you are getting this taken care of and are on the road to recovery. You have been in our thoughts, and we look forward to getting together when you feel up to it! Keep us posted...