Thursday, September 2, 2010

18 months old!!!

My baby boy is not such a baby anymore, huh?

Last week I drove up to Pennsylvania to pick up my guy. He had been there for a week since I was having my surgery- and I can not tell you how thankful I was that he could be there since I had such complications! I got to him on Thursday which also happened to be his 18 month birthday!!! A year and a half. WOW!!!!

First, here is Owen a year ago!!!



HOLY COW! He was so tiny! I do not even think he looks like the same child now!!!! At 6 months he was just mastering rolling all the way over and drinking out of  a sippy cup. He had 2 tiny teeth, weighed 15lbs, and nursed 6-7 times a day!

Now Owen has 16 teeth (only 4 left to get!), weighs about 24lbs, and is mastering running and jumping! His favorite foods are cheese, crackers, mommy’s tomato  mozzarella salad,  chicken, sweet potatoes, and mandarin oranges.

He loves being silly and tries to always make us laugh!

“Look Mom, I am standing on my head”


Owen is happy MOST of the time and had an infectious smile! He can brighten anyone’s day!

IMG_5479-2 IMG_5591-1

He still adores riding around in his car. We brought it inside since it has been so HOT outside. He loves to ride it all through the house.


Of course he does have his moments when he is not happy, but tickles always make it better!


He is such a busy boy, always squirming around. It makes it very difficult to get a self timer photo of Mommy and Owen!

  IMG_5516-2IMG_5518 copy

Owen loves playing with his airplane, puzzles, trains, and tractors! He is such a boy!


He still loves his “Joey Doll” and Transportation Ted that Mommy made for him!


Owen we love you so much! You continue to bring such joy to Daddy and I! You love to play and sing. You dance when you hear music. You see the glass 1/2 full which is such a great lesson for our whole family. You show us unconditional love. We pray that in the next 6 months we can continue to teach you, show you how to love the Lord, and spend as much time with you as possible. We are so excited to share the holidays with you this year because you will really enjoy the food, family, and festivities of the next 4 months. Thank you for being such an amazing son! We love you!



Christina and Varun said...

Aw! He is getting so big! Happy 18 Months Owen :)

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Happy 18th-month-bday Owen! Hope to see you soon!