Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aloha Zoo

About 15 minutes away from us is an amazing Zoo called Aloha Safari Zoo. This is such a hidden charm in our little town. On Saturday we decided to make a visit and we are so glad that we did! Now here is a little known fact about me- I am TERRIFIED of horses. I have no idea why. I guess it is the fact that they can crush you with their HUGE feet? Or their mouth is a death trap. This could all go back to 4th grade when one of my classmates came to school all bandaged up because her horse had bit her hand pretty badly. I had to take notes for her for weeks! Regardless, I am afraid of horses.  

But not this horse, this was the nicest horse EVER!!!


He was so soft and so gentle.


He was so calm and so sweet to Owen.


I even got right up to him and let him lick Owens shoe and then his leg- big steps for me!


Then there was this horse. By far the largest I have ever seen. And well, I kept my distance from him!



The zoo was so much fun though. With tons of animals to look at and to touch.




Even a white tiger!




The Zoo also offers a safari ride that offers views of :

Watusi cattle, known for their horns that can grow up to six feet in length, Asian water buffalo, nilgai antelope, dromedary camels, ostriches, emus, zebras, Jacob sheet that are multi-horned, pot bellied pigs, a zorse (offspring of zebra and a horse), porcupines and more!





One of these camels, I think the one on the right, is the new mascot for Campbell University! You can even see him at games!


My favorite was probably this adorable cow. She was so sweet and gentle. Owen just loved petting her and saying MoooooMoooo! IMG_5733



This was such a fun family outing. We definitely plan on going back soon! 

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