Thursday, September 9, 2010

The girl who got abused by her couch

It is no secret around here that I seem to have lots of medical mishaps. They always turn out ok, but at the time they are pretty tricky.

Like for example my pregnancy with Owen. Not at all a cake walk. I threw up every day, 5-20 times  a day (more towards the 20 most days) for the first 28 weeks. I had 9 or so trips to the ER, countless hospital stays due to a multitude of issues. I had placenta previa, pre-term labor, and I was technically in labor for about 5.5 days. And then my water broke twice.

Or how about that time I had a crazy GI dysfunction and ended up hospitalized for 4 days with pancreatitis.

And today, well today I got beat up by my couch.


My couch.



Looks innocent enough!!!!

But it caused THIS…..

(do not continue if you can not handle the sight of blood)






Eh. Don’t ask.

Lets just say there was literally a puddle of blood on the floor.




Kelly said...

Yikes! That would totally happen to me though too. I have a scar on my hand right now from a cheese grater.

Nicole said...

What the...?