Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing in the Rain!!!!

Today has been a much  needed rainy/dreary day. Owen has been asking ALL DAY to go “OWside, OWside”, so I finally told him we could put on our rain boots and go check the mail. He was so excited. At first he was just a little unsure, but after successfully coaxing Maggie to come out with him, he had a wonderful time! IMG_5799 IMG_5800

 IMG_5804 IMG_5808

Ooops, I fell down! Oh well, this is fun!


Maggie, why won’t you come play with me!


Ok Mom, I do not know about all this rain!


Time to change into something dry! Mommy wants to point out my cute curls, again!

IMG_5817 IMG_5820

This coming weekend, Owen and I are taking a trip to Virginia to spend time with family and friends. We have not been up there in almost a year, so we are really excited. We hope to also pick up a piece of beautiful furniture that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! Hopefully we will have a nice post about it next week. Just as soon as we figure out how to re-arrange our living room! :)

We hope everyone has a great week!

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Our Love Our Life said...

Im glad you guys had fun in the rain! The boys wore their plane pjs on the same day...just not together :(