Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Owen’s 2nd haircut

While in Virginia, I asked my great aunt Linda if she would trim up Owen’s hair just a bit. Around his ears has been getting quite shaggy and I have been too afraid to do it myself. She said of course so to her salon we went. Owen was anything but pleased!
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We went at 10:30, which is normally a good time for him, but he was grumpy from the minute we walked in. We tried to get him to sit in the chair by himself, but he was having none of that, so I sat down while my aunt took photos on the camera phone.
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He did not fight it too hard, but he definitely was not happy about the haircut.
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His little trim looks so cute. Even though she just cut off a little bit, it made him look like such a big boy. I have no idea where the time has gone or when he became such a little man.

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Mary said...

Oh man I remember that age when they fought the haircuts. Luckily for some reason Jonathan likes to get his cut, if it was up to him he would be getting a trim every week, lol. Isn't it weird how just a trim makes them look so much more grown up?