Saturday, October 30, 2010

Terrible Blogger!

Once again, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger! Sickness has struck in this house for a few weeks and we are still trying to recover!

My bestest friend Erin came to visit earlier this month, and in true Amy/Erin fashion it was a disaster. Yes of course we had a wonderful time hanging out and catching up, but the week just did not go as planned. On the 2nd night of them being here her son Evan learned to climb out of both the pack n'play AND the crib- making for a very interesting time. I dropped the pack n 'play on my toe and I am pretty sure it is going to fall off soon. Well the nail, not the whole toe. And then I got hit with the worst flu i have ever gotten- which even landed me in the ER!.

I have this habit of throwing up so much and there is nothing left to throw up, yet i continue throwing up. Hyperemesis if you will. So yeah, after throwing up every 10 minutes for about 13 hours or so, John took me into the ER where I got 4 bags of fluids, shots of all kinds of stuff, and some pretty serious bruises to show.

Since then, I have just not felt like myself!

Now Owen and I both have sinus infections, and my visiting mother in law has been getting sick.

My friend Tina SERIOUSLY has me wondering... is it something in the water.....

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