Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wow, so much to post

I have been the absolute worst blogger. Especially for a blogger that really wants to be a “Blogger”. I have so many post ideas in my head and somehow it never gets down into the blog. I have really adorable photos of John and Owen playing on our swing set, John and Owen dancing to some fun Pandora music, and John and Owen playing outside. So you sense a theme? I am NEVER in the pictures. But that is ok. It is more important to me that John and Owen have a BEAUTIFUL and loving relationship.

My thanksgiving promise is that I will be so much better about posting photos and stories from our life. John and I have both agreed that each Christmas we will write a letter to Owen sharing our thoughts and feelings of him growing into a young man. I have worked on my letter about 1000 times and i always get emotional and start to cry. I just can not believe what a little boy he has turned into as opposed to a baby.

Today Owen asked me to see a photo collage that Aunt Michelle did for him. It has several  photos of Owen’s first year of life and it is really special. Well Owen looked at it and said “Daddy. Love. Owie.”. I CAN NOT BELIEVE HE SAID THAT. YEs, absolutely Daddy loves Owen. But for him to articulate it was just amazing to me. He also said My Name Owie, when we were playing with sidewalk chalk. Yes, I realize these are only things that a momma could get so excited about, but MY BABY IS SUCH A BIG BOY! It makes me so happy to see him learning and growing and developing into the person he is going to be in the future. absolutely amazing!

For thanksgiving, we are spending the day here with some of our closest friends who happen to also be our neighbors. We are really excited to cook a fun meal and to Celebrate what we are thankful for. On Friday we are heading to Virginia to spend time with my family. Many people are coming from out of town that we have not seen since LAST thanksgiving, so it is really exciting.  On Sunday we are going to Pennsylvania where later that week John, his brothers, and his father are heading to the mountains to have a “MANS” weekend at the cabin with hunting, eating, and fellowship. We are all really excited about our thanksgiving plans.

So keep an eye out for tons of fun photos. I am so excited to share them on here with family and friends! M\

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Mrs. Air Force said...

Don't fret about being a bad blogger, I do that to. Sometimes a hiatus is good for you. Then when you come back you have so much to share!