Saturday, October 30, 2010

Terrible Blogger!

Once again, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger! Sickness has struck in this house for a few weeks and we are still trying to recover!

My bestest friend Erin came to visit earlier this month, and in true Amy/Erin fashion it was a disaster. Yes of course we had a wonderful time hanging out and catching up, but the week just did not go as planned. On the 2nd night of them being here her son Evan learned to climb out of both the pack n'play AND the crib- making for a very interesting time. I dropped the pack n 'play on my toe and I am pretty sure it is going to fall off soon. Well the nail, not the whole toe. And then I got hit with the worst flu i have ever gotten- which even landed me in the ER!.

I have this habit of throwing up so much and there is nothing left to throw up, yet i continue throwing up. Hyperemesis if you will. So yeah, after throwing up every 10 minutes for about 13 hours or so, John took me into the ER where I got 4 bags of fluids, shots of all kinds of stuff, and some pretty serious bruises to show.

Since then, I have just not felt like myself!

Now Owen and I both have sinus infections, and my visiting mother in law has been getting sick.

My friend Tina SERIOUSLY has me wondering... is it something in the water.....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uncle Kevin

Kevin DuPont

John's uncle Kevin has a condition called MDS. He is currently going through Chemo in preparation for a serious blood transfusion from John's mom, Jackie. It is all really serious, and we are praying that it works and that he will be back to his old self again soon. Please take a minute to stop by his blog and send him good wishes. Also pray for John’s mom who has a central line in her neck for the next 10 days while she undergoes some serious things in order to donate to Kevin! 

Thanks so much! 



For some reason, Owen thinks horses are cows. He always says mooo when he sees them. Silly boy.
Today we went to visit our good friend’s doggie, Remi, who is being boarded while they are away. He is at a kennel that is on a farm WAY back in the sticks. When we arrived there was a horse competition going on. 54 horses and their owners were surrounding the kennels- SO MUCH FUN!
Owen immediately started saying Cow, Cow, moo, moo. After visiting with Remi we took a stroll over to the area where there were some horses. I politely asked the owner of this horse if we could say hello, and she was more than happy to let us pet her beautiful “Lil”. She even asked if Owen wanted to ride her!
You can tell by his hands in his mouth that he is a little nervous (that is his tell tale sign), but he was not afraid and we were really excited for him!
I just love random fun finds!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Owen’s 2nd haircut

While in Virginia, I asked my great aunt Linda if she would trim up Owen’s hair just a bit. Around his ears has been getting quite shaggy and I have been too afraid to do it myself. She said of course so to her salon we went. Owen was anything but pleased!
 1286030026759 1286030048616
We went at 10:30, which is normally a good time for him, but he was grumpy from the minute we walked in. We tried to get him to sit in the chair by himself, but he was having none of that, so I sat down while my aunt took photos on the camera phone.
1286030174760 12860303858991286030503484
He did not fight it too hard, but he definitely was not happy about the haircut.
1286030269081   1286030416173
 1286030468212      1286030575626
His little trim looks so cute. Even though she just cut off a little bit, it made him look like such a big boy. I have no idea where the time has gone or when he became such a little man.

10 days since I last posted!

Wow, how is that possible? I normally feel like I have so much to say, but I guess I have been in a blogging rut lately.

Lets see what has been going on, in list form:

- took a trip to Virginia. Owen was able to spend time with 2 great grand mothers, 2 great grand fathers, 1 great aunt, 1 grandmother, 1 aunt, and many more!

- he got his first salon hair cut from my great aunt Linda. He was not pleased.

- my grandmother gave me my favorite chair from her house, it is an oversized floral chair with ottoman I am in love!

- because of the new chair, we have had to rearrange our living room, and I do not know that I am yet 100% happy with it!

- it went from being 95 degrees to 60 degrees, in 1 week. Not that I am complaining, but it sure happened fast!

- i am trying to convince John that I want to paint the living room green. The only thing he hates more than rearranging a room is painting a room.

- Owen is down to taking only 1 nap a day, and sometimes that nap only lasts for an hour. Oh how i miss the days of 2, 2 hour naps!

That is about it around here. I have some photos to post of our trip and Owen’s haircut… coming soon! Hope everyone is doing well!