Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meal Plans

Maybe if I post my meal plans… they will come true… right? I am excited to go to the commissary tomorrow and hopefully find some great deals!


B. Pancakes

L. Bagel with peanut butter

D. Spaghetti with meat sauce, making a ton of extra for freezer meals

Snack- yogurt with fruit


B. Cinnamon Rolls

L. Grilled Cheese

D. crockpot chicken- to freeze tons of extra for taquitos, flauatas, tacos, enchiladas, etc.

Snack- Bagel with cream cheese


B. Waffles with fruit

L. Chicken Nachos

D. Crockpot Chili- to freeze

Snack- Yogurt with fruit


B. Mini Muffins with fruit

L. leftovers buffet!

D. Baked chicken tenders- to freeze extras

Snack- bagel with peanut butter


B. Bagel with cream cheese and fruit

L. Carrots, cucumbers, dip, fruit, and cheese

D. Leftovers

Snack- Mini muffins with fruit


B. Yogurt with fruit

L. Chicken Tenders

D. Lots of baked chicken for wraps, pot pies, etc.

Snack- Veggies with dip


B. Waffles

L. Leftovers

D. baked chicken wraps with bacon

Snack- Bagel with cream cheese


B. Yogurt with fruit

L. Bagel sandwiches

D. Chili nachos

Snack- cheese and fruit


B. Yogurt and fruit

L. Sandwiches

D. Chicken Pot pie- make an extra for freezer

Snack- Free day!

Amazing photos of our family!

While in Pennsylvania for the Holidays, one of my best friends Lisa took some family photos for us. She is an up-and-coming photographer and I could not be happier with the results!

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I absolutely can not wait to get some of these framed for our home!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh boy this is my last baby!



I was never that great at the school thing. I got by, but I never tried really hard and I put in minimal effort.

I did the corporate work thing for a while but I was never great at playing the political work game.

I thought the one thing I would be GREAT at was pregnancy.





I am currently 10 weeks along with this little nugget. I have been to the ER 4 times, I have had 6 ultrasounds. Dehydration, proteine in my urine, anemia, bleeding spells, cramping spells. Woah!

Needless to say, I am so so so thankful to be pregnant right now. I can not wait to have one more baby. But this will DEFINITELY be our last. 100% our last. I just can’t do it!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day at the lake

A few weeks ago we headed to Lake Gaston for the day to get a canoe my grandparents were gifting to us. We normally enjoy going to the lake to go boating and swimming, but since it was a bit chilly this time we did more camping style things.


Owen and I enjoyed resting on the hammock!





Checking out the canoe!


John insisted we make a fire so we could eat some smores!




Thanks for the new fun canoe Mawsy and Doug!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

West Produce!

A few weeks ago we went to a local farm/produce place for the day. We had such a fun time as a family!

John was fascinated with a cow eating a pumpkin!


Of course they had some turkeys!


We had a great time on a Hay Ride!


Owen had the most fun on the play area. He loves playing in and around fun things.



Owen has the funniest facial expressions. I wonder where he gets it from ??!?! He and Daddy enjoyed playing in “jail”.





Finally it was time to play on the tractor. Owen did not want to get off and go home!


IMG_7649We are savoring family moments right now!!!

Hope every had a great October!

Friday, October 28, 2011

A sweet homecoming!

About a month ago John and I went to the base to pick up a friend coming home from a deployment. His wife was still out of town (he was meeting her in a couple of days) so we wanted to go get him and take him out for breakfast. I brought my camera with me to capture photos of lots of our friends arriving home after being overseas for 4 months.

Right at the end I looked out and there was the cutest couple running towards each other in the cutest most dramatic way. I HAD to take some photos. So I snapped a few, and some turned out really good. Afterwards  I went up to this woman, who I did not know, and I asked her for her email address. I explained that my husband worked with her hunny, and while I had never met them before, I had captured a few special moments and I would love to send her the photos.

So I emailed the photos along!

A couple of weeks later Marie emailed me asking permission to use the photos in a news article that was being written about them. She had sent the photos to a family member and that member sent it to their local newspaper. I of course said YES and the article can be found HERE.


Aren’t they adorable! I am so thankful I could be a part of their special day!!! And how stunning is Marie?!?!?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google Reader

Hey friends, I need some help! Can you please comment on this post and let me know if my blog is coming up in Google reader. I made some setting changes and since I have not seen this blog come on MY google reader.. im just wondering if it is working for others....

thanks so much, friends!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NC State Fair part 2

Like I said in a previous post, we spent some time at the NC State Fair last weekend. Owen had a wonderful time riding on rides with Mom and Dad. Can I also say how much I love that we had to wear jackets this day.. I just LOVE fall weather! 

 One of Owen's favorite rides was helicopters. He of course rode this with Daddy! :) 

Our little boy had high aspirations for his future to be a pilot :) Helicopters or airplanes, he does not care! 

Owen also loved riding on a pony. Daddy of course was right beside him, as he trotted around. A few minutes into riding Owen decided he did not want to be on the mini horse anymore and spent the rest of the "ride" watching.

A cute theme at the fair was school busses, which is right up Owens alley. This mini bus would talk to you and respond to what you were saying. It was really cool for Owen to hear the bus saying "hi Owen"!!!

He also enjoyed touring a real  bus and getting to sit in the seats and to pretend like he was the driver! 

I had to include this pic, just because! haha. Welcome to the south! 

Owen and John got to spend lots of fun time together waiting in lines. He was more than content to be with Daddy all day long! 

Of course, the other favorite of the day was the train ride. Owen is in love with trains and loved being the driver for a while! 

I do not think that we will go to the state fair in NC again, but I am glad we took Owen this time. I was not a fan of how overpriced the event was. I feel like it made it not attainable for the normal family. But it was a fun once in a while thing :)