Monday, January 31, 2011



I seem to always have a list of goals going that I wish to accomplish… and it pretty much stays just that. A list. But I am bound and determined to get myself straight and take care of some of my important goals this month.

First off, my itty bitty baby boy will be 2 in 25 days. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!? I know everyone says this, but I feel like I blinked one time and suddenly here he is, making me laugh at his jokes. So for his special day we are having an Airplane Birthday (of course) party! The invitations are going to be printed tonight and hopefully mailed out in the next couple of days. Then I just need to work on the preparations for the day. I am so excited because this year John will be home to celebrate with us (if you remember, he was deployed last year).

I also have a goal for myself to make curtains for our kitchen before Owen’s birthday. I have had the fabric for months, but have not gotten up the courage to begin them. Hopefully this coming weekend I will make myself sit down and do them. I am so excited about the fabric. I got enough leftover yardage to make some placemats to match, yah!

I also really want to be better about reading books. I got my new Candace Cameron Bure book a month ago and I have only read a few chapters so far. Tonight I plan to read MANY more!!!!!

Hopefully writing out these goals will help me out! :)

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Katiellirb said...

Good luck! I find that when I write them down I am more accountabe so go Amy :)