Monday, January 3, 2011

Our year, in photos!

January 2010
In January we had to say goodbye to Daddy. He went on a 2 month deployment to Germany. Owen also started walking this month which was so exciting!!
11 month old Owen collage
In February we celebrated Owen’s First Birthday! It was so much fun to celebrate the special day with family and friends. Owen LOVED his first taste of cupcake.
February collage
In March, Daddy finally came home. Owen soaked up every moment he could with Daddy. This is also the month that Maggie and Owen really became good friends.
March Collage
I literally have NO PHOTOS from April. While thinking back on how this could possibly be, i realized this is the month my gallbladder started acting up. BOO for April!
In May Owen started to love his rocking chair, his swimming pool, and reading books with Daddy.
May Collage
In June, John and I went on our first trip away from Owen- to ALASKA! While we were gone Owen spent time at John’s parents home. He got to spend time with family, friends, and tons of animals at the zoo!
June Collage
In July Owen started getting even funnier than he had been. He tries so hard to make us laugh all of the time. He also discovered the fun that is Daddys boots!
July Collage
In August Owen made Momma so proud by finding out how much he LOVES Mexican food. He always likes taco sauce and guacamole to dip his quesadilla in. I also gave Owen his first little haircut trim.
August Collage
In October we had fun playing in the rain, visiting the zoo, and spending time with Momma and Daddy.
September collage
In October our friends Erin and Evan came to visit us, we rode on a tractor, and dressed up like a cowboy for Halloween.
In November, we had fun playing outside on the jungle gym. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with neighbors.
November Collage
In December we had a wonderful time with family. Below is a photo of the Cousins! Jordan is 7, Bayleigh is 3, Owen is 22 months, and Evalise is 7 months. They had a wonderful holiday and we even made a birthday cake for Jesus!
cousins at christmas 2
A very Happy New Year to all of our family and friends! We are excited about what 2011 may bring!


Mrs. Air Force said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Lieutenant went to Maxwell 5 for his field training and got sick because of the drastic change in weather! You have such a great blog, definitely one that I'll be keeping up with!

skm22777 said...

This is really neat how you recapped the year in photos and text! How did you make your monthly collages?