Friday, February 11, 2011

Park time!

These pictures are from when we stopped at a park we stumbled upon about a month ago. OWEN HAD SO MUCH FUN! I can not believe that I did not get a good picture of what one of the play sets was….. a TRAIN! Owens obsession! He had such a good time running and playing.
I just love this picture! He has the biggest brown eyes!
There was another swing set on the other side of the park that Owen also enjoyed.
For the first time ever, our boy went down a slide by himself. He absolutely LOVED it.
  IMG_6485 IMG_6486
 IMG_6488 IMG_6475
IMG_6492 IMG_6494
He also enjoyed going down the slide with Daddy!
 IMG_6497 IMG_6500
It was such a wonderful, surprise, adventure for Owen! He was VERY upset when it was time to leave!

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