Thursday, April 7, 2011

12 days older

As soon as Owen got home on Saturday I noticed some huge changes in him.

1. his face looks older and more mature.

2. he is speaking more clearly .

3. he is talking more often, he never stops talking!

4. he learned so many new words and uses them in the right context.

5. he is even funnier and tries harder to make me laugh. he learned to raise his eyebrows up AND to roll his eyes while he was gone. he loves doing both at the craziest moments to make us laugh.

I seriously have no idea if he just got simply even more amazing while he was gone, or if I had a huge epiphany… but my kid is AWESOME! Today we sat and discussed farm animals and politics (ok not really) for hours and it was so amazing. He sleeps in a big boy bed now without any trouble. He communicates with me in the most amazing ways.

And we have a secret code, this boy and I. A secret saying, just between the two of us, that makes our love for each other so amazingly strong. I foresee this being our code word for 18+ years, and that is amazing to think about. Stay tuned!

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