Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have the most amazing son

OK maybe i am a LITTLE bias. Just a LITTLE. But this kid seriously is fantastic!

Today we packed up our suitcases, our computers (yes, Owen and I both have a computer {his is a leap frog}), and our doggie and made the treck to Virginia to spend some time with my family. On the way up here, Owen entertained me for the entire 4.5hour trip. He sang me nursery rhymes, we talked about animals, he sang along to some Taylor Swift songs, and then we danced. Oh boy did we dance.

At one point I wondered what in the world the people passing me on the Monitor Merrimack would possible think of this crazy woman getting her groove on (the windows are tinted so they most likely could not see Owen), but then I realized it did not matter. My son and I were having the most amazing time, dancing to the Newsboys, praising the Lord, going to spend an amazing week with family and friends.

THIS is what life is all about!

Just for fun I am including a few pictures that i really see going in Owen’s wedding slide show one day! This was right after John left and I let Owen dress himself.

IMG_6993 IMG_6996

Oh boy. Here we have an Owl eye mask my neighbor made, froggie pajama bottoms, and a basket for a hat. He looked like a mermaid to me! But I still love my little guy!

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