Monday, July 18, 2011

casey anthony thoughts

Anyone that knows me or follows me on twitter or facebook, knows I have been obsessed with the Casey Anthony Trial! I think i initially was hooked because i figured it would be a great way to pass some of the time while John was away (miss you hun!). Then I became so fascinated with her web of lies! Watching the trial of the decade unfold with her lies, craziness, and stoic attitude proved to be great entertainment. I would DVR the events that transpired during the day and watch it when Owen was asleep. I got angrier and angrier at the ploys that her defense tried to pull.
But weeks later, on the day that Casey was ultimately released from jail, i can not help but feel sorry for her. I honestly have NO IDEA what happened in this case. Of course looking at it from my perspective it seems like she of course did kill her daughter and did everything she could to cover it up and confuse the jury. But truly, i have no idea what happened on that day in June 2008.
And now, why do I feel sorry for her??? Well because no matter what, she will always be stigmatized in society. She will never be able to lead a normal life as she is now. I foresee a future of a name change, and plastic surgery, just to be able to function! I just wish we could all know, once and for all, what TRULY happened!
Any theories?

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