Monday, August 29, 2011

The Monday Blues

My little guy is not feeling the greatest today! He woke up several times last night with a bit of a runny/stuffy nose and today he has just been lazy. He does not have a fever so I am thinking he probably has some allergies going on. I got him some benadryl a little bit ago and since taking it, he has been pretty drowsy! haha.  This picture shows his poor head injury (above his eye). He totally fell down our brick front stairs the other day, face first. It was BAD and this is so so so much better looking than it was!


I know he is not feeling quite himself when he asks me for a pillow and a blanket so he can “rest”.


Maggie was on hand to provide some support!


Pray he feels better so he can go to school tomorrow. He said he wants to go see his friends again!


In other news, John will be home shortly, and we are SO EXCITED!!!!


Take care!

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