Thursday, September 8, 2011

The first part of our welcome home pics!!!!

As I said before, John got home on Friday after being gone for 4 months (4 LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG) months, and we could not be happier. We had the opportunity to go to his squadron to wait for his plane to land which was SUPER FUN!


This is some of the girls with Owen (in his handsome flight suit to look like Daddy!)


God Bless my friend (one of my besties) Sarah (who is also a c-130 pilot) who took pics for us. We are waving to Daddys plane coming in!


My little guy seeing his Dads plane and smiling. Look how adorable!


Dads plane coming in for a landing.

 SAM_0180 SAM_0181

Ok this is me not looking my best, but I LOVE Owens face in this! He was so happy Daddy was HOME!!!!


The plane driving up!

SAM_0184 SAM_0185

Notice the awesome American Flag!

SAM_0186 SAM_0187

Daddy walking up!


Owen running up to Daddy!!!



The most adorable reunion, EVER!


And we are once again, a complete family!

SAM_0191 SAM_0192

I could not be happier to have my husband home. I did not realize how sad I would be without him. I had NO IDEA how hard a deployment would be emotionally. I am so glad to have my best friend back.

And Owen could not be happier to have his Daddy back. He will not let him out of his sight!


{Part 2 coming soon! }

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