Friday, October 28, 2011

A sweet homecoming!

About a month ago John and I went to the base to pick up a friend coming home from a deployment. His wife was still out of town (he was meeting her in a couple of days) so we wanted to go get him and take him out for breakfast. I brought my camera with me to capture photos of lots of our friends arriving home after being overseas for 4 months.

Right at the end I looked out and there was the cutest couple running towards each other in the cutest most dramatic way. I HAD to take some photos. So I snapped a few, and some turned out really good. Afterwards  I went up to this woman, who I did not know, and I asked her for her email address. I explained that my husband worked with her hunny, and while I had never met them before, I had captured a few special moments and I would love to send her the photos.

So I emailed the photos along!

A couple of weeks later Marie emailed me asking permission to use the photos in a news article that was being written about them. She had sent the photos to a family member and that member sent it to their local newspaper. I of course said YES and the article can be found HERE.


Aren’t they adorable! I am so thankful I could be a part of their special day!!! And how stunning is Marie?!?!?

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