Monday, October 17, 2011

This weekend we attended the NC State Fair! I have always been a fan of state fairs, but I must say the NC one was a bit disappointing. It was mostly fried foods (like deep fried oreo’s, deep fried pickles, deep fried kool-aid???). There were not as many exhibits as we had hoped for, but it was great spending time together as a family. We get such little time to do this, so we cherish every moment!

I am an amusement park lover. I grew up about 15 minutes from Busch Gardens in VA and spent many many weekends there with my friends and family. I love love love roller coasters or anything remotely scary like that. So when we went to the state fair I decided Owen and I should definitely do some fun rides together. The first ride we happened upon was the “battering ram” or pirate ship- which ever you want to call it. I decided to ride it with Owen while John took pictures.

I swear Owen was having fun. He was laughing and smiling. But when the boat would get to the highest point and it would give that little bottoms up feeling in your belly he did not seem to have as much fun. Unfortunately all of the pictures we got reflected these “not so fun” moments.

Terror. Sheer terror on his face. Looks like a parenting fail, but I swear he was having fun!!!
And just to prove he DID love rides at the fair, here are a couple of him riding on a 4-wheeler by himself! I love his smug expression!!

More photos coming soon! :)

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