Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meal Plans

Maybe if I post my meal plans… they will come true… right? I am excited to go to the commissary tomorrow and hopefully find some great deals!


B. Pancakes

L. Bagel with peanut butter

D. Spaghetti with meat sauce, making a ton of extra for freezer meals

Snack- yogurt with fruit


B. Cinnamon Rolls

L. Grilled Cheese

D. crockpot chicken- to freeze tons of extra for taquitos, flauatas, tacos, enchiladas, etc.

Snack- Bagel with cream cheese


B. Waffles with fruit

L. Chicken Nachos

D. Crockpot Chili- to freeze

Snack- Yogurt with fruit


B. Mini Muffins with fruit

L. leftovers buffet!

D. Baked chicken tenders- to freeze extras

Snack- bagel with peanut butter


B. Bagel with cream cheese and fruit

L. Carrots, cucumbers, dip, fruit, and cheese

D. Leftovers

Snack- Mini muffins with fruit


B. Yogurt with fruit

L. Chicken Tenders

D. Lots of baked chicken for wraps, pot pies, etc.

Snack- Veggies with dip


B. Waffles

L. Leftovers

D. baked chicken wraps with bacon

Snack- Bagel with cream cheese


B. Yogurt with fruit

L. Bagel sandwiches

D. Chili nachos

Snack- cheese and fruit


B. Yogurt and fruit

L. Sandwiches

D. Chicken Pot pie- make an extra for freezer

Snack- Free day!

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