Monday, January 31, 2011



I seem to always have a list of goals going that I wish to accomplish… and it pretty much stays just that. A list. But I am bound and determined to get myself straight and take care of some of my important goals this month.

First off, my itty bitty baby boy will be 2 in 25 days. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!? I know everyone says this, but I feel like I blinked one time and suddenly here he is, making me laugh at his jokes. So for his special day we are having an Airplane Birthday (of course) party! The invitations are going to be printed tonight and hopefully mailed out in the next couple of days. Then I just need to work on the preparations for the day. I am so excited because this year John will be home to celebrate with us (if you remember, he was deployed last year).

I also have a goal for myself to make curtains for our kitchen before Owen’s birthday. I have had the fabric for months, but have not gotten up the courage to begin them. Hopefully this coming weekend I will make myself sit down and do them. I am so excited about the fabric. I got enough leftover yardage to make some placemats to match, yah!

I also really want to be better about reading books. I got my new Candace Cameron Bure book a month ago and I have only read a few chapters so far. Tonight I plan to read MANY more!!!!!

Hopefully writing out these goals will help me out! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honestly, what kind of blogger…

do I truly want to be? That is what I am struggling with right now.

When I began this blog it was to keep our family updated on the progress of being pregnant with my little Owen. I posted about doctors appointments, tests, his size, my 14 ultrasounds (no joke), my thinking i was about to miscarry, the state of my belly button while pregnant, etc.

Since having Owen it evolved into updated photos of our little man growing up (did I mention we are a military family with most of our extended familiy living at least 300 miles away?), fun photos from out weekends, and updates on Owens growth.

Then I started more blogging about meal planning, life, thoughts, hopes, etc.

But I have been holding back SO MUCH, and I just do not know if I am ready to take the plunge into full fledged honesty on my blog.

I could talk about my daddy issues and the fact i just decided he will never be a part of my life- but is that over sharing?

I could blog about how even though I love my husband with all that is in me, sometimes he drives me absolutely nuts and i want to put him in time out?

I could blog about how this year has been so difficult physically, mentally, emotionally, etc, but that might be too much.

I just do not know how to decide what kind of blogger I want to be. I have so many thoughts and feelings, I just do not know if I am ready to take the plunge!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our year, in photos!

January 2010
In January we had to say goodbye to Daddy. He went on a 2 month deployment to Germany. Owen also started walking this month which was so exciting!!
11 month old Owen collage
In February we celebrated Owen’s First Birthday! It was so much fun to celebrate the special day with family and friends. Owen LOVED his first taste of cupcake.
February collage
In March, Daddy finally came home. Owen soaked up every moment he could with Daddy. This is also the month that Maggie and Owen really became good friends.
March Collage
I literally have NO PHOTOS from April. While thinking back on how this could possibly be, i realized this is the month my gallbladder started acting up. BOO for April!
In May Owen started to love his rocking chair, his swimming pool, and reading books with Daddy.
May Collage
In June, John and I went on our first trip away from Owen- to ALASKA! While we were gone Owen spent time at John’s parents home. He got to spend time with family, friends, and tons of animals at the zoo!
June Collage
In July Owen started getting even funnier than he had been. He tries so hard to make us laugh all of the time. He also discovered the fun that is Daddys boots!
July Collage
In August Owen made Momma so proud by finding out how much he LOVES Mexican food. He always likes taco sauce and guacamole to dip his quesadilla in. I also gave Owen his first little haircut trim.
August Collage
In October we had fun playing in the rain, visiting the zoo, and spending time with Momma and Daddy.
September collage
In October our friends Erin and Evan came to visit us, we rode on a tractor, and dressed up like a cowboy for Halloween.
In November, we had fun playing outside on the jungle gym. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with neighbors.
November Collage
In December we had a wonderful time with family. Below is a photo of the Cousins! Jordan is 7, Bayleigh is 3, Owen is 22 months, and Evalise is 7 months. They had a wonderful holiday and we even made a birthday cake for Jesus!
cousins at christmas 2
A very Happy New Year to all of our family and friends! We are excited about what 2011 may bring!