Saturday, April 14, 2012

A day at the Zoo

After a rather traumatic week where Owen learned the difficult lesson of removing all of his boy parts from the potty before slamming the lids down… we decided to head to the local Zoo today to have a little fun!


We were told that there are 7 baby horses at the Zoo right now and 14 mommy horses about to go into labor. We loved seeing the tiny tiny babies!


We went to Aloha Safari Zoo which is only about 10 minutes away. It is the most random of little places around, but they do have some fun animals and we could enjoy the entire day together for less than $20!


Aloha takes in animals that would otherwise not have much of a chance. Many of the animals are abused, injured, rescued in some way, etc. That is why they have quite the random assortment. Below you can see Owen feeding the Baboons some popcorn.


I absolutely have a love for animals myself. I can not stand hearing about abused animals and I will pretty much jump at the chance to see animals. I am however pretty timid when it comes to the mouths of animals. I think I was bit by a horse or something when I was little because I am absolutely terrified to get NEAR a horses mouth. Not my boy! He is so brave and holds his hand just the right way. He especially enjoyed the mini horses that were just his size.


The highlight of the zoo experience is a 20 minute tractor ride through a safari. Owen, being a LOVER of tractors AND animals, could not wait!


Here is the cutest little baby baboon that was born in August. He was quite mischievous and comical. He is so tiny he can fit between the bars of the cages, so he likes to visit with lots of different monkeys they have there and he came within a couple of feet of Owen to say hi!


Right before leaving Owen asked to sit down at the table so he could “rest my feet a little bit, playing with animals makes me tired”.


I so enjoyed my date with my boy! We have lots of fun plans for the next few weeks, just mommy and Owen! He is the greatest little date a mom could ask for! Smile

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