Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grey’s room!

We have been so blessed with amazing items for both Owen and Greyson. Honestly there is not much I can say we need for our upcoming bundle of joy.


However, with the help of family and friends, I have started  nesting and I am getting excited about the new little guy that will get to use this space!

Grey will reuse  both Owens crib and his crib bedding (airplane theme) since they are both in such great condition.

That giraffe in the corner was picked out by Owen himself to give to baby Grey once he arrives. IMG_8266

Another thing Owen so unselfishly has decided to pass along are all the chew marks he put on the sides od the crib when he was about 8-11 months old. I thought abut covering them but honestly I like the character it brings to the room. A little piece of Owen, a little piece of Grey. IMG_8267

This is my little nursing nook I have set up for when he arrives. I remember how hungry I would be nursing Owen. I plan to stock up  on lots of water, trail mix, and some episodes of shows to keep me company during those wee hours of the morning feedings.


More on this later, but a couple of weeks ago my friends threw me a baby “sprinkle” this is like a shower but much more low key. Greyson got so many amazing new things including handmIMG_8268IMG_8270IMG_8271IMG_8277

Looks like I am all stocked up and great for little Greys arrival (in several weeks) Smile

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Our Loves Our Lives said...

Carmine got Giovanni a giraffe too! Must be a big brother thing :)