Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday

I am linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk for High Five For Friday!

1. After a ridiculous scare this week where I thought my cervix was falling out, I found out it is "only" a urethral prolapse which is less harmful for Grey.

2. I went to Michaels yesterday after my doctors appointment (he gave me permission to go run a couple of errands) and had a great conversation with the sweet check out lady about Greyson. She was so in love with his name and said he sounds like he will be a doctor. It got me excited about his name all over again!

3. My besties threw me the most wonderful baby "Sprinkle" last weekend and I was so incredibly blessed by the generosity and kindness of my friends. I can not believe how nice the people are that I get to hang out with!

4. One of my besties above is moving this week. That is not high five worthy- at all! But she gave me a new willow tree figurine last week and it got me all excited about Willow Trees again! I normally am not a collector of things at all but I just love the simplicity of these amazing girls.
 5. Only 2 weeks until I get my husband back from Alabama! He has been gone for 6 weeks and I am pretty over him being away for long periods of time. He has been gone constantly since LAST May. Hopefully he will only have to be gone for one more week between when he gets back and when Grey is born- which is pretty good considering our track record. 

Make sure to check out Lauren's blog at From  My Grey Desk. Her sister Kate is my hair stylist and wife to a friend  from church camp! 


Life is Now said...

Hi! Thanks for finding me on Kelly's Korner. Congratulations on your second child! We only have 4 legged children but our nieces and nephews sometimes make appearances on my blog. Have a great Sunday!

lnipaver said...

Hey Amy! Thx for linking up from Kelly's blog,:) we are not far from Charlotte at all ( and my in laws live in rock hill, sc) so maybe we can meet up some time since we have boys who are both 3:) hope your pregnancy continues safely!

Beth Ann said...

You have such a cute little family! Love your blog!