Monday, May 14, 2012

Well hello there meltdown

John has been away for 7 weeks.

In that time… :

  • I have been sent to the hospital twice, once was 4 night stay where Grey tried his hardest to come out. Thankfully modern medicine prevented me having a 28 week old little one but the medication really did take its toll on my body. (he also tried to come out at 23 weeks)
  • another short hospital visit where we were pretty sure my cervix was falling out. Come to find out it was JUST a urethral prolapse and while I am in constant pain, I should be ok.
  • my best friends have moved away and I have no idea when will see them again
  • my other best friend may not be able to attend Greyson's birth and I can not even start on the emotions that is pulling out of me right now!
  • I am on partial bed rest.
  • Owen left for Pennsylvania exactly 10 days ago and I am broken hearted. I have spoken to him almost every day but it is not the same. I miss him climbing into bed with me, our little laughs. Etc. I cant wait for next weekend when we are all reunited.
  • the strep throat I am currently rocking does not help.

And there in lies my meltdown. I have wonderful friends and family, but I have hit my breaking point.


lnipaver said...

Sorry to hear all that is going on. I think I would be having a meltdown myself if I were you. :/ Positive thoughts coming your way!

Sarah said...

I know I don't know you outside the blogging world, but I feel for you and will keep you in my prayers tonight! Hope it gets better for ya girl!

Unknown said...

His trains are packed (clothes too) ready to head home tomorrow for lots and lots of "huggles" from his mommy. He's very excited!
Rest well today - his 3 year old exuberance abounds! Love you.