Monday, August 6, 2012

1 month old

I was so much better at doing updates when Owen was a baby. I guess something about having an infant AND a 3.5 year old has slowed me down! This is from 10 days ago… when Greyson ACTUALLY turned 1 month.



In your short little month Grey you have already become a member of the family I can not remember not having. You are so laid back, so sweet and snuggly, and just a really good baby. You sleep a lot and get up to eat at night 2-3 times.

In your short month you have already had a little surgical procedure. Your tongue was a little tied so we had to go to Raleigh to get it clipped. It obviously was worse for Momma than for you because you were smiling immediately after it was over.

Big Brother Owen has done great with you. He has started wanting to hug and kiss you all the time.

We are having some issues with getting you to gain weight all of the sudden. You are still about 6.12lbs. We are going to start supplementing with some formula to try and get your weight up. then we can hopefully go back to exclusively being breastfeed.

You are absolutely lovely Greyson, thank you so much for being a part of our family!!

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