Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun at the drop-zone and train chasing

On Friday Owen and Pop-Pop (who is in town from PA for a short visit) went train chasing. They both have a love of trains and wanted to enjoy some special time together. But first they went out to one of the Drop-Zones to watch one of John’s airplanes do a drop.
Owen had fun playing in the dirt! Well actually the sand. We have sand here not dirt!
There was a bit of a wait for the drop to happen so Owen was entertained by going for a ride on the Gator and by playing with out other friend in town, Mr. Dennis (that is his motorcycle).
I am told the drop was really cool! Owen loves watching the planes fly around and it is even better when they are shoving cool stuff out of the back!
We are super proud of Daddy and the work that he does!

Next it was time for train chasing!
Owen had a great day with Pop-pop. They were out from 10am-6pm. He can’t wait until we make a trip to Pennsylvania so they can do more train chasing.

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