Monday, September 3, 2012

Greyson- 2 month stats


You have been in our little family for 2 months. I almost can not imagine you not being with us! We headed back to Dr. Burgurts office last week and got your stats. You are in the 10th percentile for everything which is amazing because last month he was not even on the charts!

Weight- 9.1lbs

Height- 22inches

Head- 15 inches

You had a great appointment and he is doing so wonderfully. You are finally gaining weight, almost all on breast-milk, and any health issues seem to be gone.

At 2 months Baby Grey you are sleeping really well. You normally  go down around 730pm. You wake up to eat around 3-4am to eat, then back down till about 7am. During the day we are trying to figure out a good nap schedule around Owen’s school schedule.

You have become such a sweet smiley boy. Owen makes you grin the most, followed by Mommy and Daddy.


train rideIMG_8688

You are such a lovely wonderfully blessing to our family. I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow up! We love you Grey!

Love Momma!

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Monica said...

Such a cutie and I'm so glad the difficulties are behind you. We went through that with Ben and it is STRESSFUL!