Wednesday, October 17, 2012

nursing help needed

We have had a rough few weeks! I can't believe it has been so long since i posted.

A few weeks ago i started coughing, bad. I went to the doc 3x in 2 weeks and had 3 different riunds of antibiotics. After that I went back because it was not working at all. My doc finally did an xray and then immediately sent me to a pulmonologist.

After looking at my xray he immediately told me i had pneumonia and a double lung infection. YIKES. He immediately put me on about 7 different medications. One of which was an antibiotic that he said I did not have a choice in taking. I had already been on 3 others that did not work so this was the last one to try.

This medication made it so that I had to stop breastfeeding Greyson....


I started pumping several times a day to try and keep up my supply, but now, one week later, I am afraid that our nursing relationship may be over.

I am able to nurse him again, but he does not seem very interested unless he is super sleepy. I have been pumping and not getting anything out at all. I have been taking fenugreen ( 3 caps, 3 times daily) and mothers milk plus (1 cap, 3 times daily), drinking tons of water, nursing as much as he will allow.

But he is still eating mostly formula. And I am devastated.

I know that formula is not the devil, i know it is not going to hurt my child. But i have fought really hard to nurse him these past 3.5 months and now to think it may be over absolutely kills me.

Do you guys have any tips on how to raise my milk level at 3.5 months??/