Wednesday, October 17, 2012

nursing help needed

We have had a rough few weeks! I can't believe it has been so long since i posted.

A few weeks ago i started coughing, bad. I went to the doc 3x in 2 weeks and had 3 different riunds of antibiotics. After that I went back because it was not working at all. My doc finally did an xray and then immediately sent me to a pulmonologist.

After looking at my xray he immediately told me i had pneumonia and a double lung infection. YIKES. He immediately put me on about 7 different medications. One of which was an antibiotic that he said I did not have a choice in taking. I had already been on 3 others that did not work so this was the last one to try.

This medication made it so that I had to stop breastfeeding Greyson....


I started pumping several times a day to try and keep up my supply, but now, one week later, I am afraid that our nursing relationship may be over.

I am able to nurse him again, but he does not seem very interested unless he is super sleepy. I have been pumping and not getting anything out at all. I have been taking fenugreen ( 3 caps, 3 times daily) and mothers milk plus (1 cap, 3 times daily), drinking tons of water, nursing as much as he will allow.

But he is still eating mostly formula. And I am devastated.

I know that formula is not the devil, i know it is not going to hurt my child. But i have fought really hard to nurse him these past 3.5 months and now to think it may be over absolutely kills me.

Do you guys have any tips on how to raise my milk level at 3.5 months??/


Monica said...

I feel your pain Amy except it happened to us at 2 months and not because of meds, just because Ben refused to nurse. Work with a lactation consultant if you can, and try a supplemental nursing system. Sounds like you're doing everything else you can. Lots of skin on skin contact too is supposed to help, and be as relaxed as you can. Hang in there. I know how frustrating it is to be in that situation.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you're going through this. I think Monica has the right idea and you should work with a lactation consultant and just do what you can. This isn't your fault and was beyond your control. I'm sure Grey is just glad you're feeling better and he has his mama back 100%. ((Hugs))

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Thanks girls, I am just so devastated. I was so proud of my ability to nurse and now I am concerned it may be over. So frustrating. I am going to continue to try and see what he can get- but try not to feel so much guilt. Ugh.

Nicole said...

Hi Amy! Look at that big sweet boy! I hope you guys are doing well...aside from the sickness and nursing problem! I can sort of relate. I had problems nursing Colin from the beginning. Night after night he cried, and I cried. It was miserable. Then I got mastitis, and shortly after, nursing him stopped. I felt horrible, guilty and like a failure. Looking back now, I'm not sure why. He was a happy, healthy thriving baby, and to this day he still is! If I have another baby, sure I'll try nursing again. But if it doesn't work out, I will not beat myself up about it. You're a good Mama, you do what's best for your boys, and they are proof of that!

beanbubbamom said...

Awww, (((((HUGS)))))! Don't let the Nursing Nazi mantra affect who you are as a mom. Just to be clear: A "Nursing Nazi" is anyone who thinks that you are poisoning your baby if you don't exclusively breastfeed for at least 1 year--and they think you should continue past 1 year if your baby is still interested. They think if you disagree with them, or if you choose to supplement with formula, you are not giving your baby the best possible start in life. I think they're overwhelmingly opinionated and need to face facts: Feeding your baby is more important than frustrating both you and your baby. After all, YOU are providing the food for him, whether it is milk or formula. YOU are the one offering him the sustenance and he knows that Mommy is the giver of life and yummy food. All a baby needs is love and food in his tummy (and a clean diaper every now and again, let's be honest!).

I was able to nurse Aurora for 7 months before she decided to completely lose interest and wean herself; I nursed Ryan for only 3 months and he's healthier than she is, believe it or not (he was allergic to MY milk--you want to talk about feeling like a failure? I struggled with what you are feeling until the dr. diagnosed him as lactose intolerant and we had to put him on a soy formula. Then, I didn't feel so bad--it wasn't just me)! Aurora gets fevers and stomach bugs all the time and that boy hardly ever gets sick, comparatively. If you truly believe that God has knit us all together and that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made by Him, then you won't beat yourself up about something you have absolutely no control over. I think, as Mommies, we tend to overthink things and take on responsibilities we never had in the first place. You had no control over this sickness; you have even less control over your milk supply (I'm not sure anyone truly knows how breasts really work, anyway).

I like the idea of working with a lactation consultant. If you are able to get your milk supply up again, they'll know how to help you do it. If, even with a lactation consultant's help, you are unable to continue nursing, YOU HAVE NOT FAILED!!! You succeeded for 3.5 months! That is so amazing! Congratulate yourself on this outstanding victory--there are women all over the country who didn't even get that first suckle from their baby for various different reasons. Give yourself a break and look into your baby's eyes while you feed him that bottle. He's still looking back at you with love and satisfaction, I guarantee it!

You know what I'm grateful for? I'm grateful that we don't have to hire "wet nurses" when we aren't able to nurse our babies anymore--that concept disturbs me. Thank God for formula!