Tuesday, June 26, 2012

39 weeks pregnant

This picture was taken at 38.5 weeks pregnant! Ahh! Almost there. I am being induced at 39.1... which is in 2 days!

I think that God does this great thing and takes away all of the scary thoughts you have about labor in the beginning of pregnancy, and just makes you want to get the kid the heck outta there at the end so you do not try and keep him in forever.

This little one has been quite the tease. He tried to come at 23, 26, 29, and 33 weeks. Now he has been teasing my body since 36 weeks with frequent contractions, sleepless nights, and tons of other "fun" labor signs- yet I am not dilating past 3cms!

So on Thursday at 7:30 we will go to the hospital to be induced. My doctor plans on breaking my water and going from there. Since I have given birth previously, he thinks it will be a pretty fast process!!

Hopefully my next post will be a WELCOME TO THE WORLD GREY post! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


I am beginning an online bible study with some girls who's blog I have been following for sometime. I am jumping right into where they already where and I will either go back and do the first 16 lessons as I get time, or I will do them at the end.

Today I am on lesson 19 which goes over Psalm 56 :1-13. We are discussing fears, and boy do I have some!

Please let me know if you are doing this as well and we can be a support to each other. Details below!

Taken from this link"

How do you join the #SheReadsTruth community?

  1. Download the YouVersion app on your smart phone.  Don’t have a smart phone? Create a login via your web browser.
  2. After creating an account, go to the Plans section + search “Soul Detox.”  We will announce when we start new studies!
  3. Check the blog or twitter to find out which day we are currently on.  Feel free to skip ahead to read with us, or catch up by reading a few each day.
  4. Keep a journal.  Write down a few thoughts that struck you.  What is God revealing to you?  What phrase just. keeps. sticking?
  5. Take a picture.  Tell us about what you’ve learned.  Tell us how life is changing.  Challenge us!  Inspire us.   Connect with others all over the world as we are unified through His scripture.
  6. Make a dent in the universe.  For Him.

Skin colors

IMG_8306Owen and I are such different skin colors. His is a creamy yellow/tanish at all times while mine is just a pasty red. I sure hope Greyson gets the nice/hardly ever burns skin like Owen and John have!

But while we are wishing, maybe Grey will have blue eyes just like me. A girl can wish can't she :)