Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grey's birth story

Anyone that knows me knows I had a very specific one line birth plan. DRUGS. I had an epidural with my frist and it was beautiful.I had planned on it being the same way with little Grey!

Boy was I wrong.

Due to several weeks of prodromal labor (strong contractions that fail to cause dilation past 3-4 cms) we made the decisioin to induce at 39 weeks and 1 day.

We arrived at the hospital at 730am, filled out all of the paperwork, worked on his birth certificate and just sort of hung out.

Around 845 I got an IV put in and some blood taken.

At 1045 my doctor came in and broke my water. He said i was still 3cm's dilated and 80% effaced. Greysons heartrate went down some with the breaking of the water, but no one was concerned.

They suggested I go for a walk to get things moving along a bit quicker. They hooked me back up to the monitors at 1230. I was still contracting but not quite strong enough.

At 145 the decision to start pitosin was made. This was 3 hours after my water had been broken and no progress was made.

I was checked at 215pm and I was still only 3cms dilated. I was given a shot of fentnly to take off the edge.  have had slight reactions to fentynol in the past, but normally  benadryl will clear it right now. By this point the contractions were coming on really strongly!!!!!I requested an epidural and they said it could take another hour for the epidural to become available. AHHH

At about 245 I lost it. I felt so much pain, so much more than i had ever anticipated feeling!!!! I needed to get myself back into a good place and quickly!!!

At 330 i felt another big gush of water, i was given benadryl because of the itching ,

At 430 the anestesiologist came in to give me the epidural. They checked me just prior and I was 6cms I was trying my hardest to stay still but the contractions were so strong!!!!!! He put the epidural in and it hurt really  bad. Come to find out he had gone into a blood vessle and had to try again. Ahhh. As he set up for the 2nd epidural i told them I had the urge to have a BM. The nurses assured me this was just the baby coming down the birth canal and it was completely normal.

I am pretty sure i went nuts abuout this point. My body was telling me to push but the nurses were saying there was no way i was ready. I was a 6 only minutes ago.

He got the 2nd epidural in but did not seem confident in this one either. They immediately checked me and by 455 i was 100% ready to go. This was only 25 minutes after they began trying the FIRST epidural.

They let me know that the epidural would take up to 30 minutes to take effect, so this may be a completely nautral birth, and BOY WAS IT.

I could not resist the urge to push this little guy out. I can not explain how strong that feeling is. My doc was across the street at his practice and i said i dont care if he makes it, this baby is coming!!!

Greyson John was born at 5:16pm- so i actively pushed only through a few contractions.

AND I FELT EVERY BIT OF THAT BABY COMING OUT OF ME!!! The ring of fire you may have read about- yeah that sucker is real and that thing hurts!!!!

Welcome Greyson
born at 5:16 on 28 June 2012
20.5 inches long

and the reality!!! 

i would not trade it for the world. Grey has has a few obstacles along the way but he is such an amazing part of our family already!!!!

so happy to be a family of four!! :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Greyson

As most of you know, Greyson John made his arrive last Thursday, June 28th at 5:16pm.
He was 6.13oz and 20.5 inches long.
He has a full head of dark hair and blue toned eyes. 

The birth went pretty quickly with two failed epidurals. I never wanted a med free birth but it just happened that way! Totally worth it though. 

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday and now are trying to adjust to life at home. John has taken some time off and my  mother in law is here, so I am spending most of my time nursing and sleeping. I am so much more exhausted than I thought I would be! Greyson is a very calm baby and only cries when he needs to eat or a diaper change! 

we feel so blessed to have our two boys!!