Friday, November 22, 2013

Frontier Days

This being our first year here, it was our first frontier days experience, and it was GREAT!!!! Frontier days is a 10 day long event where there are carnival type things, concerts, and most importantly a rodeo every night. It is supposedly the largest rodeo in the states each year. We had a blast!

First Frontier days starts with a running of the bulls. Literally, down a main street in town. It is so silly but so fun. Notice we are all in hoodies in the middle of July!!! Ahhh!

Owen and John enjoyed the bumper cars!


Owen loved riding on his first roller coaster. We had wrist bands so we went almost every day!!
Grey had fun too!

I absolutely CAN NOT BELIEVE Owen rode this ride with me, twice. It is one of those cylinder things that has seats on 4 sides, is sort of like a roller coaster, and it takes you up...up...up.. and when you least suspect it it drops you down FAR and FAST!!!!

We were able to meet up with my good friend Alison which was such a treat. I had not seen her in about 4 years. They live about 2hrs south so I cant want to see even more of her!

After reading Charlotte's Web and watching the movie Owen was super excited to ride a Ferris Wheel. He had so much fun!

John’s squadron worked each day at Frontier days in one of the food booths to raise money, and I went with him the night of the Jason Aldine Concert. It was AWESOME!!!

And last but not least Owen got to go on a Horseback Ride on base during Frontier Days. He rode the most beautiful horse and was not scared one bit!!!!

Frontier Days was great and I can not wait to again next year. Many people complain about the traffic and the influx of people, but being city people we thought it was hardly any problem and so worth the fun of 2 weeks!

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