Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our new home!

When we arrived here in Wyoming they told us it would be an 18 month wait to get a home on base. We were living in TLF and looking all around town for something, but just could not find anything within our budget that we were willing to take (that was not in a bad neighborhood).
After waiting 2 weeks the on base housing let us know they would have a brand new house ready for us in about 4 weeks (there goes that 18 month theory huh?)
Here is a photo of the home when it was still under construction. I can not believe this is a home ON BASE!!!
This was on move in day. Both boys loved playing in the cabinets!
Owen in front of our home that was now OURS!!!
Playing in boxes during the forever unpacking process. This is in our back back living room!
And  here is John flying over our house! Pretty exciting!
We were not prepared for the hail that happened almost daily during the summer!!!
Each day the national anthem is played on base at 4:30 and Owen takes it VERY SERIOUSLY!!!
We really are enjoying Wyoming and base life. This is our first time ever living on base and it has been a great experience!

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Megan Holley said...

Hi Amy! I found your blog through a link-up from a while back... so it was totally random! But I had to comment because we also live in Cheyenne and just moved here in September with the AF. It was fun to come across your blog :) Happy Thanksgiving!