Sunday, December 8, 2013

House Projects

Living in base housing makes it more difficult when it comes to painting… colors have to get approved, you have to paint everything back before you leave, etc. So we have made the choice to just add pops of color in our dĂ©cor. This is a challenge for us because we normally keep our “stuff” pretty neutral while having green, teal, blue, and brown walls.

These curtains I fell in love with as soon as I saw them online from World Market! We have them in our dining room.
These curtains are from Lowes and just make me so happy. They are in our livingroom/office area (we have 2 living rooms in this house)
This is the new bedding set I got at the BX last weekend for only 30 dollars!!! It adds just the right amount of color without being overwhelming. We have red curtains which is not my style at all (I normally gravitate to light blues, greens, and tans) but this just makes me happy!
I have also been recovering some of the pillows on our couch. Instead of sticking with the plain green plaid I am trying to add in bits of color here and there. I have several more pieces of fabric to use which is good because between our couch and loveseat I think we have about 10 throw pillows. 618
And no house project is complete without teaching your 4 year old to wipe down the doors on a weekly basis. I love this boy!!!
I feel so happy to have our home coming together!

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